Meet the CoverMyMeds Employees Who Gave Back Big-Time in 2022

Another year of giving back has concluded at CoverMyMeds, and we couldn’t be more proud or excited to shine a light on five employees who devoted their time to Do the Right Thing and Be Selfless in 2022. Together, these employees recorded 1,106 volunteer hours in 2022, representing nearly 30% of the company-wide total, 3,740 hours.

Kate Bauer
Kate BauerSenior Manager, Community Engagement
January 25th, 2023
2022 Volunteer Impact

Volunteering is more than simply helping others in need — it’s a way of seeing the world, and it’s active rather than passive. It’s about seeking opportunities to help.

The ways CoverMyMeds employees devoted their time and energy to giving back to their communities in 2022 carries the same energy. Our annual volunteer efforts are a source of pride throughout the company, and we can share that 2022 ended with nearly 1,400 employees recording 3,740 volunteer hours to help 152 different organizations — all historic highs for CoverMyMeds.

In all, CoverMyMeds employees made an impact in their communities across five states. They’ve volunteered at pediatric oncology centers, animal shelters, food banks, community gardens, homeless shelters, senior homes and humane societies.

No matter where our employees work — whether they’re in the office or working remotely — they’re encouraged and empowered to volunteer. With the help of Besa, it’s easier and more convenient than ever. Besa is a nonprofit that connects employees at companies like CoverMyMeds with local charities.

Want to up your volunteer game in 2023? It’s easy — sign up for Besa and browse through upcoming opportunities.

Recognizing the top employee volunteers of 2022

This was an incredible year and as we reflect on 2022, we can’t help but be proud of our employees’ dedication to volunteering their time to help others. I’d like to individually recognize five employees who left their mark with a commitment to Do the Right Thing and Be Selfless.

  • Debra Randels: 518 hours
  • Almeida Dye: 260 hours
  • John Jacques: 120 hours
  • Katy Marshall: 107 hours
  • Shey Jin: 101 hours

Together, these employees logged 1,106 volunteer hours — representing nearly 30% of the company’s total for 2022. Recently, they told us about what inspires them to volunteer, their favorite memories from the previous year and more.

I couldn't imagine working for a company that doesn’t support volunteer efforts in our local communities. That support speaks to the heart of an organization.

Debra Randels, account manager
Debra Randels: Talking the talk, walking the walk

Debra Randels doesn’t think it’s too complex: She simply wants to help people.

Volunteering isn’t about a number or checking a box to fulfill a requirement. For Debra, an account manager at CoverMyMeds, volunteering is about helping others and trying to brighten someone’s day or put a smile on their face.

“I think it's important to help others when you can and how you can,” Debra said. “It makes me feel good knowing I’m making an impact for someone else.”

Debra was CoverMyMeds’ No. 1 employee in terms of volunteer hours in 2022, but again, she says it’s not a competition and not about being first in something. She loves to lend a hand, and this year, she dedicated her time to three nonprofits.

She volunteered with Habitat for Humanity because she appreciates the impact the organization has on families and communities.

She also worked closely with the Empty Stocking Fund, an organization that provides school supplies and Christmas presents to 30,000 children in need each year. The school supplies help provide a foundation for success in the classroom.

“It’s incredibly important to work for a company that ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk,’” Debra said. “I couldn’t imagine working somewhere that doesn’t support volunteer efforts in our local communities. That support speaks to the heart of an organization.”

Finally, Debra is involved with Hero Dog Rescue, which supports the fostering of hospice dogs to give them a warm and loving family at the end of their lives. Hero Dog Rescue has helped more than 2,700 dogs, and Debra herself fostered Gramps, a Maltese, in 2022.

Gramps had a rough start due to illness and an uncertain veterinarian appointment, but he persisted and emerged from hospice as a happy and healthier dog.

“We found the perfect adopters and Gramps continues to thrive in their home,” she said. “I miss him so much, but I cannot describe the feeling of nursing him back to health and to this great new life.”

Almeida Dye on what it means to Be Selfless
Almeida Dye: Giving back is part of a lifelong mission

For those who work at CoverMyMeds or have read an end-of-year volunteering recap before, the name Almeida Dye is a familiar one. She’s regularly among our leaders in hours logged of volunteering, but for Almeida, giving back is second nature.

“For me, volunteering is like breathing,” she said. “I don’t think about it, I just do it.”

Almeida has been volunteering her time and giving back to her community since she was 12 years old, when she was a candy striper (volunteer at a local hospital).

Almeida said it’s “an honor” to work for a company that prioritizes volunteerism, and it’s one of the reasons CoverMyMeds has such strong connections to the communities where employees live and work. From charitable donations to encouraging employees to volunteer, there’s always an opportunity to give back.

Her favorite volunteering memory from 2022 was a Back-to-School Bookbag Rally in the Cleveland area, held by Buffer Charity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rally hadn't been held since 2019 and seeing kids’ smiling faces along with their parents was especially rewarding.

“It reminds you of what the real meaning of the (rally) was all about: the community and the people,” Almeida said. “I can proudly say I work for a company that speaks louder than words.”

2022 Volunteer Impact_In article
John Jacques: A bond that spans generations

Since joining as a Cub Scout when he was just five years old, John Jacques has always known he wanted the Boy Scouts of America to be a part of his life. As he grew older, he remained engaged and saw his love for the organization only grow stronger — which made volunteering and helping build a memorable camp a natural progression.

John has been volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America for nearly 25 years, and this past year, he’s especially grateful for the time spent at a camp for scouts with special needs. For the past eight years in particular, John has been an integral part of planning and running the camp, which the kids look forward to every year.

“(2022) was our first camp since COVID, so being able to see the campers and other people I haven’t seen in a few years was awesome,” John said. “It was great to see all the campers have a good time.”

With something as close to his heart as the Boy Scouts and this camp, John said he’s full of gratitude to work for a company that makes giving back a priority.

“I think it’s great CoverMyMeds supports its employees in volunteering their time,” he said. “It really does mean a lot that I can get the time I need to volunteer for things I love.”

Katy Marshall: It’s all about the smiling faces

Katy Marshall’s passion for volunteering dates to her time as a student at The Ohio State University. While enrolled at Ohio State, Katy trained her dog, Khloe, for therapy with Therapy Dog International (TDI) so they could visit hospitals around the campus area together and brighten patients’ days.

Their journey together has given Katy a love for volunteering — a love that’s accentuated when she sees kids’ responses to Khloe.

“I have met so many beautiful souls throughout this journey and seeing the strength they have to push through each day, no matter what they might be going through mentally or physically, makes it so I can easily push through on my toughest days,” Katy said.

A bond formed with a young patient in the pediatric oncology unit, made a lasting impact on both Katy and Khloe.

“(One day), we sat and read books together and colored while (he) was loving on Khloe,” Katy said.

“After making our usual rounds to the other rooms, Khloe just HAD to go back to his room. I'd like to say she knew something I didn't know. I let her back in with him and he hugged her and fell asleep with her watching his favorite movie, ‘Frozen.’

“Early the next morning, we received a call from his family that he passed away in the night. He was such a happy, positive light, until the very end. This strong little boy taught me a great lesson I'll never forget. He reminded me to always hold my family and friends close and celebrate all that you're thankful for today and every day because tomorrow is never promised.”

To me, the culture of service at CoverMyMeds extends well beyond the business.

Shey Jin, senior manager, culinary operations
Shey Jin: ‘If not me, then who?’

Shey Jin’s “why” is simple, yet powerful.

Rather than looking around the room and wondering who’s going to step up and lead, Shey takes it upon herself to make a difference. Simply put, she wants to help people. And she’s grateful that CoverMyMeds not only offers the opportunity to do so, but actually encourages her and fellow employees to jump in with both feet.

Shey said she views the company’s commitment to volunteering as a call to action. Her interest in and passion for volunteering predates her time at CoverMyMeds, but since she joined the team, that passion has been raised to a new level.

“CoverMyMeds has consistently supported me over the years through opportunities to grow professionally and deepen my impact in the community,” Shey said. “Today, I serve on the board of two local non-profits and have been able to align my skills with opportunities to do good.”

“To me, the culture of service at CoverMyMeds extends well beyond the business.”

There were many highlights of 2022, but for Shey, her favorite memory wasn’t a moment — it was a place.

On most Saturdays, you’ll find her working the front door at NNEMAP, a food pantry in the South Linden neighborhood of Columbus that’s served the community since 1958. Due to the deep and meaningful connections she’s formed, Shey feels like part of the NNEMAP family.

“Their kindness, passion and leadership are unparalleled,” she said. “NNEMAP will always have a special place in my heart.”

Cheers to a new year of giving back at CoverMyMeds

2023 has arrived and our employees are already off and running. This is shaping up to be a big year of volunteering, both individually with our employees and collectively as a company. Learn more about our community impact plans for 2023.

Kate Bauer
Kate BauerSenior Manager, Community Engagement

Kate manages philanthropic investments, community partnerships and community service opportunities.

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